Michelin restaurants are the best in fine dining globally. Every other fine dining restaurant aspires to hold the prestigious three Michelin stars by being innovative and creative with the meals they serve.

If you love good food, and you are a regular fine dining customer, you should visit some of these places to see (and taste) things for yourself. The list below contains a selection of 5 of the world’s top Michelin restaurants.


Central is located in Lima, Peru. It is known for its high level of innovation in using ingredients that are gotten from within the country to produce delightful flavors. 

Why is Central so special? One reason is that it has a 17-course taster menu that can take your taste buds to paradise. The menu reflects Peruvian culture extensively, as well as the chef’s (Virgilio Martínez Véliz) love for his roots.


This fine dining restaurant is located in Brussels, Belgium. It promises to give you some of the best culinary treats you will ever have in your life. You will wonder how much thought was put into Bon-Bon’s magnificent interior and exterior the moment you step in.

The restaurateurs (Christophe and Stephanie Hardiquest) have managed to ensure that most of the ingredients used are bio-organic. You will be getting everything from special international culinary delights to meals that offer original Belgian flavors.

Atelier Crenn

This is a French-owned Michelin restaurant in the United States that has proven itself in terms of being the top fine dining place among about 90 Michelin restaurants in California. Now, it is among the best worldwide.

Atelier Crenn is known for its meal presentations that can only be described as amazingly artistic. Tasting is believing, but you will not be disappointed in that area either. It is worthy to note that this is the only restaurant that is run by a woman (Dominique Crenn) to have earned 3 Michelin stars in the US.

Le Bernadin

In New York, United States, there is one Michelin restaurant that stands out—Le Bernadin. This Manhattan (New York City) restaurant is known for its impressive seafood menu. It is a very successful restaurant that owes its high ratings to a selection of luscious meals which are inspired by Asian and Greek cuisines that are enriched with its original French flavors.


Mirazur gives guests a remarkable view of the Mediterranean and a mountain area while they enjoy their meals. Who wouldn’t want to have such an experience? Feasting your eyes on your marvelous surroundings, while you eat some of the best French meals in the world.

You should check out this restaurant based in Menton, France. Another fascinating fact about this place is that it is run by an Italian-Argentinian chef (Mauro Colagreco). His signature dishes include some vegetarian delights.

The best-tasting meals in the world await your taste buds. You will surely be getting value for your money right from the moment you step into any of the restaurants described in the list. Some of them can be among your options for a romantic rendezvous.

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