Your kitchen can be so filled up with clutter that the idea of decluttering can be brushed aside easily. Feeling lazy about it? Have you been procrastinating about arranging the area for a month? Oh, come on. That’s where you cook. If you prepare meals regularly, then that nagging thought will keep coming to your mind each time you walk into the space: Your kitchen communicating telepathically with you saying, “Organize me!”

Finding a spot to store many of the cutlery or equipment can be mind-boggling. Setting aside such spaces would be quick with the right tips in mind. Thankfully, we have provided what you need in this guide. Here, you’ll see some easy organization tips for your small kitchen, including creative storage solutions that won’t break the bank.

Railings for Your Kitchen

You should create space on any available wall area for railings. They’re great for keeping the most used items in your kitchen such as napkins, wooden spoons, whisks, and so on. You can set them up beneath upper cabinets.

A Pegboard should Come ASAP!

This tip should’ve come first, but we wanted to give you some perspective before discussing it. Pegboards can be used in place of railings, if the former is a more affordable option. If pegboards seem like a better idea, then waste no time in installing it in your kitchen.

This storage staple can add some style to your kitchen if you get the one that looks good enough for that purpose. You can even decide to paint it if you wake up one day and suddenly realize that you hate its color. Your pans, whisk, graters, wooden spoon, rolling pin, and so on can be hung on the set up nicely.

Open Shelves Might just Do It for You

Kitchen appliances can be kept on open shelves. This means that it would be like you’re putting them on display. Think it about it. Is the available space in your kitchen enough? If it looks nice in your imagination, then why not try it?

A Storage Solution Hanging on Your Door

When there’s no space to store other things that cause clutter, you have to go extreme by using your kitchen door as a vertical open storage unit. Think of hanging pegboards or railings on the door!

Take Advantage of Narrow Spaces to Create a Pantry

Narrow spaces in walls should never be rendered useless, especially when you’re in dire need of storage solutions. Look for that narrow space, measure it to see if it’s suitable, then convert it into a small pantry.

Your kitchen should succumb to your creative will. It shouldn’t be making you feel lazy when it comes to organizing. Get any or all of the storage solutions that have been explained above done. Once you’re able to do so, the place will start looking better. You would be able walk into your kitchen without the fear of “organize me!” echoing in your subconscious again. Phew!

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