Month: March 2021

  • Should You Consider A Will Before You Renovate


    If you own a house and are planning to renovate it, there are several steps involved. But one of the most crucial steps that shouldn’t skip your mind is creating a will. Having a will is something that you should preferably do to ensure that your property goes into the right hands after you. A will also protect your family legally and ensure that your ones get what belongs to them rightfully. Here is a step-by-step guide for you to consider a will and create one.

    Organize All Your Assets

    The first step you should take is to examine all your assets and properties and make sure that you don’t leave anything. For this process, you can also seek help from an estate lawyer. He will help you to evaluate your assets and suggest the most efficient way to distribute the assets. An estate lawyer will also consider things like renovations and their effects on your property. If your assets are not much complicated, you can easily specify the distribution and declare who would receive everything after you. 

    Divide Your Debt

    You have to ensure that your family doesn’t get burdened with debt after you pass away. Hence, you need to understand how the process works. Normally, any kind of loan is paid by using your assets or possessions. But the enforcer may also pay off your debt from the life insurance policy amount. If the debt can’t be paid by insurance or estate, then it can be paid by the people who guaranteed the debt, or the co-owner of the assets. Hence, you must discuss your debts and finances with your family members and let them know how they will proceed after you pass away.

    Protect Your Will From Objections

    Your family may have to go through so many inconveniences if your will is not properly executed after you pass away. Let your lawyer assist you in drafting a will in the presence of witnesses that don’t belong to your family.

    To protect your will from challenges, put your decisions clearly in front of your family and explain to them your reasons. Once you have talked to your family and they are convinced, then possibly they won’t cause any problems.

    Get Rid Of Influences

    While drafting your will, don’t allow any of your family members to influence your decision. Before drafting the final will, you should discuss it only with your lawyers. Also, ensure that you’re sound and mentally competent while your will is being drafted. If necessary, let a doctor test you before signing the will. You can also record the whole process on camera.

    No matter if you live in an apartment or a bungalow, having a will is something that shouldn’t be ignored. Even if you are planning the renovation of your house, a will helps you to organize everything. In this way, you can learn about the process to ensure that your assets go to the ones you want. Also, your legacy will be protected by your loved ones.…